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Meet the team


Meet the team



Jade has always been a hugely caring individual; ‘I previously worked in a residential care home for five years, as well as with disabled children and also in a nursery setting. People and animals are my niche in life and I love making a difference to the lives of vulnerable people and animals. But my true passion always brings me back to animals, and this is what brings me to Parker’s Pets.’

We are an approachable and friendly business who fully understand the importance of your pets within the family, we want you to feel comfortable in communicating and getting to know us, which ever service you require!



Louis and Jade started the business together with a true passion for all animals, together they have made Parkers Pets what it is today. Louis is a big softie and loves to cuddle all of the dogs, especially the teeny tiny ones! You will see Louis in and out of our Boutique Shop and joining us on our walks.




Lisa joined the Parker's Pets team in 2018 and has over 7 years experience in the industry. Lisa is the manager of our boutique store on Clarendon Road and has a gorgeous English Bulldog pup called Bubba Gump, who is a firm favourite in the PP pack and even has his own instagram page!




We are delighted to have Lucy in our team and have so since the start of 2017. Lucy is extremely experienced and is Manager of our Parker's Pets Parlour on Elm Grove, Southsea! Lucy has a wealth of knowledge in both animal care and in our boutique shop and has two gorgeous Romanian Rescue dogs called Zippy and Clover who both attend our daycare. Thank you for your constant hard work and dedication Lucy!



Lauren is our fantastic assistant manager and works from both of our premises, she is an experienced team member having worked with dogs for her entire working life, Lauren has a lovely cross breed, Louie, who often joins us for spa treatments and on our daycare adventures.



Tilly-Mae has been helping with Parkers Pets from the outset, being a member of the family, she is reliable and trustworthy and has always has a passion for animals, having had horses, cats and dogs in her family, Tilly-Mae is a well-rounded individual and adds further experience to our team.

You will see Tilly-Mae in our Boutique Shop and helping out with the day to day fun of Parkers Pets.



Olivia is widely recognised as one of the very best groomers in the city. She is extremely talented and has a vast array of experience and is confident with all breeds and cuts. Olivia joined us in January 2018, tying in with the opening of our Grooming Salon & Doggy Spa and has helped us to go from strength to strength. Olivia has a handsome springer spaniel called Smudge, who sometimes joins her in the salon!

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Emma was votest 'chattiest' in the PP Staff Awards in 2018 and is a fantastic part of our team, always showing off her big beaming smile! Emma works very closely with the dogs, both in the grooming parlour and also on walks and in our boutique daycare facilities and absolutely loves living her dream of working with dogs.