our Drop in visits start from £10.00 per 30 minute session.

These visits are ideal for puppies, cats and for families who are working during the day.

This service is also perfect and well suited to dogs and puppies who need to be let out to the toilet, walked around the block or who require a daytime feed and fresh water change.

The drop-in visits can be tailored to your exact needs and be carried out as many times a day as you require! Please contact us for any questions and to set up a schedule.

did you know……

We are often asked if we are able to do drop in visits for dogs who are not fully comfortable or friendly with all dogs, the answer is - absolutely! We are capable of handling dogs with behavioural difficulties, along with dogs that are not friendly with other dogs. We will ensure to follow any training methods that you may be implementing, to ensure that no bad habits are picked up.

Our drop in services are also very popular for older dogs who are more comfortable in their own environment, allowing them to relax for the day, for us to then pop in and give them a little toilet break, water/food top up and a gentle walk!